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“Average annual premiums for employer-sponsored PPO family health coverage reached $19,481 this year, up 3% from last year, with workers on average paying $6,050 towards the cost of their coverage, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Education Trust 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey.” Source: Kaiser Family Foundation)

The average annual cost of healthcare will continue to grow according the Peter G. Peterson Foundation as the chart below shows.

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation reports that the cost of American Healthcare vs. the average cost in other developed countries is much much higher; Japan offers a great comparison – less than half our costs, and they live significantly longer. Where is the difference coming from you may ask … better whole foods (not in a can, a box or prepared).Our costs are 222% higher! What is the solution? Not a surprise, prevention through diet and exercise is the key to success.


Keep Employees Healthy – Pay Them to Exercise!

HealthWorks is an IOS and Android App that uses wearables to track activity, then pays users directly in cryptocurrency for that activity. Why? To motivate and increase physical activity to a level that has known positive health effects producing better health, and lower medical costs for the payor.

Further, Healthworks includes a built-in lottery paid every other day and the odds of winning are very good, but the user must meet their goals to qualify & collect!

So, we have an individual reward paid for effort, plus the lottery incentive (everyone must meet goals for the team to collect maximum cash).

Healthworks uses Behavior Economics ( “a field that incorporates insights from psychology to design interventions that address predictable barriers to behavior change” ) and Evolutionary Psychology ( Survival & Reproduction Instincts, Kinship, Gift-Giving ) to incentivize physical activity by monetizing physical activity at a new order of magnitude – efforts are tracked by wearables such as Apple Watches, Fitbits or even Smart Clothing.

We use rule-sets based on physical activity guidelines from The US Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), The American Heart Association, The CDC, and algorithms showing the expected savings in healthcare costs. We then calculate the monetary value of our user’s physical activity. Data is then validated with sophisticated fraud-prevention techniques, monetized and paid-out in real-time as either a direct cryptocurrency payment or PayPal payment – no waiting.

HealthWorks Helps You Live Longer & Better – Have More Energy, be Stronger & More Resilient, Smarter & Healthier.

Get Paid to Feel Great!


  • Improve Employee Health & Lower Your Costs
  • Drive Change that enhances productivity
  • Track Employees’ Physical Activity Efforts
  • Validate Intensity,  Consistency & Determination for Health Benefit.

End User Persona

Employer-Payor Persona


Physical Activity data transmits from the wearable (Apple, Watch, Fitbit etc) to our phone app, then to our HIPAA-compliant database where some processing takes place – after that,  payment is sent to the user as digital currency (Techie Warning! Nano’s block-lattice cryptocurrency) that allows fee-less transactions and secure access for individuals and payors.

Our objective is to create a wave of better health that lowers medical costs producing an adaptive health economy based on prevention resulting from people taking control and responsibility for their health – not treatment after one is sick.


Expect a reduction in your healthcare insurance costs based on users meeting specific physical activity guidelines from:

Mortality & Morbidity Metrics

Contribute Your Ideas


ANN is implemented to automatically zero-in on the best choice of physical activity for your goals and current health status.

You already know it – Exercise is The Only Real Fountain of Youth!  Expect to live longer and better. 

Virtual Guide®

Virtual Guide helps you set SMART GOALS (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) that will help users stay disciplined & help them learn effective exercise techniques using animations to make clear what to do.

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